Why Strawberry Hill Procurement (SHP).

SHP has over 20 years experience in procurement, both in The Netherlands and abroad and has gained extended knowledge of many different aspects of procurement. Please click on the “experience” button for more details. SHP has access to a first class group of suppliers at home and abroad.

The style of SHP can be summarized as direct, accessible, communicative, rational, pragmatic and focus on result. Projects can be done alone by SHP or together with a team of the client. SHP get things done, is flexible (no 9-5 mentality) motivating people, reliable business partner and delivers high quality work.

SHP is focused on solutions, with an eye for creativity and giving excellent service to his customers. SHP will also take in consideration the wishes and potential of the suppliers to achieve the best results for our clients. Thanks to international experience, projects can be executed in English and German speaking countries.

Your company will deal with SHP with one person only, which will reduce “noise” to a minimum and will lead to a speed up of the process and decision making. This counts not only for you as a client, but also for the suppliers.