As from 12 March 2012 I'm also an interim Business Consultant for ProMost LLC - USA, responsible for EMEA.

As from februari 2011 I started to work as an interim Business Consultant for Prime Products Belgium, a POP & Display and digital signage company. I'm responsible for The Netherlands and new business development.

In 2010 I founded Strawberry Hill Procurement, a Procurement Interim & Consultancy company. I have worked amongst others for International Marques The Netherlands (Stolichnaya & Campari), Prime Products Belgium, POP & Display & digital signage and AloveBali, a Aloe Vera manufacturer from Indonesia.

Februari until November 2009. 
I have worked as interim manager for Africa Private Safaris in The Netherlands. APS offers tailor-made, high quality safaris in the top segment in East and Southern Africa. APS is unique in it's approach and has a lot of experience and a very good reputation.

September 2003 until November 2008.
Customer Services Manager EMEA with ProMost Inc. (E-procurement platform) and responsible for  amongst others Unilever and P&G.

Unilever 2008-2009: New business development, Axe Europe project initiated and implemented. 15 European countries had a brand communication programme running via ProMost where they purchased print and promotional items. Training was organized for several clients and suppliers, cross border consistency of materials, Unilever realized cost savings by using the aggregated order tool with a positive result for both client and ProMost, who had additional income.

Unilever 2003-2008:
ProMost E-procurement platform implemented, fully integrated into the Ariba buying platform through a push-out interface. Eight upgrades have taken place to tailor-made the platform to Unilever user requirements. More than 1,400 users and over 350 preferred suppliers are using this application that generates transparency and visibility for stakeholders, creates collaboration and substantial savings. Unilever business risks have been reduced by adding purchasing conditions, code of conduct, brand guidelines and contract management to ProMost system.

P&G 2003-2008:
20-30 percentage cost savings realized for P&G (IAMS-Eukanuba Europe) through implementation of ProMost website, especially the use of the aggregated order tool. This additionally achieved increase in customer service and brand consistency.

Achievement for the central procurement unit in Lausanne Switzerland realising cost savings, reducing supply base, increasing quality / brand consistency / customer services and incorporating E-procurement in work process. British

American Tobacco The Netherlands 2002 – 2003:
managing a tender for 5 strategic facility processes (car lease, phone [land and mobile] security & reception, catering and travel), leading to significant cost savings (e.g. less FTE’s) and increase in quality. This process was required because two business units within the Amsterdam area were merging into one organization.

British American Tobacco HQ – London UK 2002 – 2003.
Introducing and implementing E-procurement platform for international brand groups, all brand directors and brand managers (Lucky Strike, Kent, Dunhill, Benson& Hedges and Pall Mall.) were involved in this process who fully supported the global roll-out. Brand achievements: sharing best practice, optimizing preferred supply base, generating synergies (e.g. share developments costs) and more importantly creating regional/global brand consistency. High profile and successful project with full endorsement of BAT’s global Marketing Director.

British American Tobacco Northern Europe 1998 – 2002.
Merchandising Purchasing Manager, co-ordinator for 13 markets, responsible for generating synergies between local procurement and marketing teams. Cost savings realized between 10% - 35% through order aggregation and shared material development. Procurement worked as “a spider in the web” between all internal clients and were able to add more value to the business.